All Storage Bill Pay: Pay Storage Online (2023)

Most storage centers allow you to pay your bill online and offer other convenient payment options. I’ve enjoyed this convenience for several rentals I’ve had.

Typically, when renting a self-storage space, there’ll be questions regarding how you’d like to pay for your storage space… such as “I want pay my storage online, how do I do that?”

Fortunately the most popular payment method to pay storage online is through a monthly autopay on a bank account or credit card. 

Self Storage Payment

Paying your bill should be easy and quick and focused with the customer in mind. Most storage units allow renters to choose from several different payment methods, so you can rent when you want to.

You can usually rent a storage unit for any length of time. I’ve always done month to month on my units and had a card on file. There’s been no surprises that way.

If the amount of belongings you have starts to increase, you don’t need to worry about having enough space for everything you own. Just get the next bigger space available.

Or you can see about consolidating what’s in your current storage unit and how you can get those belongings into a smaller unit to save money.

And with the online rental options, you can rent whenever you want and use whatever payment method works best.

Recently, many storage centers realized they could be more flexible and they started to accept many more payment types. Customers responded favorably. 

The best storage rates are often kept secret. Even though many storage spaces are sold out right now, the right call can locate a good space nearby. Call now to get an estimate and reserve your space — all within 5 minutes. To serve you quicker, call wait time is near zero. 



Storage Unit Payment Options

Paying Online

You’ll be able to pay for your storage bill online by setting up an account at the storage centers’ website. If you reserved or booked your space online, you’ve already got an email address and password to log into your account from their website (or app).

If you’re already logged into your online account, then click on either “Make a Payment” or “Payments.” Follow the steps to make your payments. Pay your storage bill online easily by using a debit or credit cards. You can also set up automatic payments after setting up an online account.


Setting up payment online is usually the easiest way to pay for your storage unit by using a card or bank account. However, if you want to cancel your unit, be sure to understand how many days’ advance notice you need to give. If you cancel online, be sure to also turn in a written notice to the office of your storage center. This will make things easier for everyone. 

Paying by Credit Card

Your self storage payment will be confirmed only once your credit card has been processed successfully. If you receive an error message, check the information or try entering it again — and then see if it works. Signing up for Auto Pay helps ensure you never miss a payment.

Most people use credit cards when they pay for their storage units. You don’t have to worry about late payments or missing payments because they will automatically debit your method for payment. I’ve done this before and it is convenient.

Paying by Bank Account

Your confirmation is temporary until a verification comes back from the bank showing sufficient funds and that your account is valid. If the bank doesn’t confirm, you’ll get an email and letter saying that your payment couldn’t be processed.

When you reserve or book a unit online, you’ll be given the option of choosing between check or electronic check. Electronic checks are just as safe as traditional checks. They are sent directly to the storage facility’s bank where it is deposited into your checking account.

When you rent a storage unit, you’ll need to provide identification in order to access your unit. This may include your driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, utility bills, etc.

It’s important to keep these documents handy while you’re storing items in your unit. 


Paying by Phone

If an option is available for paying your storage bill by phone then you’ll need to contact your storage center. Let them know the phone number associated with your account.

Because this type of self storage payment requires additional systems, staff, and overhead costs, there may be an extra charge for using this method.

Paying in Person

This was the traditional method of paying — taking care by paying in person. You may be able to use a self-service kiosk to complete your transaction. If you prefer speaking directly to a representative, the location manager and/or staff can help you with the monthly payment arrangement.

Paying by Mail

You can pay for your storage by mailing a check or money order to your storage facility. You’ll want to be sure to include your account number on the check to be certain your money gets credited to your account. Make sure to mail your payment at least one week before the rent is due so that it arrives on time.

Paying by Phone App

You can use your phone’s built-in bill pay feature if your storage facility offers one. You should be able to download apps from the

If you have a smartphone, you might be able to download a mobile bill pay app from your storage center and then make your monthly storage payment through the app. Usually those mobile apps will be at the app download center which you can download from the Apple or Google Play stores.

Plus with a mobile app you might just be able to open front gates and doors with your smartphone to seamlessly access your storage space!


As you can see, there’s several storage unit payment options to make it easier for customers.

A secure payment process can help to ensure that you enjoy complete peace of mind during the self storage process.

You get to enjoy the extra space available at home while someone else professionally guards your belongings.