What is Drive Up Mini Storage?

Drive up mini storage is a type of outdoor self-storage facility that allows you to store your belongings in a unit that has a roll up door and you can park your car next to.

Also known as drive-up self storage, these outdoor storage units are convenient for those who need frequent access to their belongings. Plus they’re usually located near a main road so you can easily get to your storage unit by driving.

Drive up mini storage is convenient because customers can drive their vehicles around the building and park them next to the unit. Simply load and unload directly from your vehicle. This makes it easy to access your items without having to climb stairs or use elevators.

Drive up mini storage units offer speed and convenience Rows of drive up storage units offering quick customer convenience.

Drive Up Storage

Drive-up mini storage units are similar to garage space at home.  The units are enclosed, typically have a roll up door, and have outdoor access at the first floor of a building. You simply drive right up to your mini storage unit — during access hours — and load and unload items. Units are arranged in rows with paved driveways between them for easy access. Since you don’t need to walk far from your vehicle, you can easily move furniture, appliances, and more inside your self-service facility. You can also check on your items quickly whenever you need.

The difference between Drive Up Self Storage and Drive Up Mini Storage

Drive up “self storage” and drive up “mini storage” are basically the same thing. Mini storage is a popular term from the 1970’s that has stuck — and works well for marketing storage units. Self storage is the original storage name dating back to the first use in the 1880’s.

If there is a difference, then it would be that self storage technically is outside access while mini storage can also include enclosed access consisting of smaller (mini) units. Lately, the terms have been used synonymously to keep from confusing storage renters.

The main thing is regardless of which name is used, the facilities allow you to conveniently store your items. You get the convenience of being able to drive up to the unit to load (or unload) your belongings.

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6 Benefits of Drive Up Mini Storage


When you’re looking for an alternative to traditional indoor self-storage, drive up mini storage may be the perfect solution for you. With this option, you can store your things in a safe, secure location where you can easily access them. Plus, since you don’t need to go through extra security checks when accessing your unit, you can save time.


Drive up mini storage offers the added benefit of increased security. Because the units are often located outdoors protected by gated access, they provide extra protection against theft and vandalism. In addition, many facilities have 24 hour video surveillance systems that help protect your property.


If you’re looking for flexibility, then drive up mini storage might be the best choice for you. Drive up mini storage gives you the ability to choose from many available unit sizes. The most popular size is the 10×10.


Another great feature about drive up mini storage is its accessibility. Since these units are located close to major roads, you’ll find it easy to get to your unit. Plus, you won’t have to worry about climbing stairs or using an elevator.

Drive up storage units are convenient because they are outdoors. However, they’re usually not climate controlled. This means the items in storage could be affected by changes in weather and humidity.

If you’re comfortable storing your items in a standard garage, then drive up storage can also work. The drive up storage unit is like adding your own bonus garage.

Affordable Price

One of the biggest benefits of drive up mini storage is how affordable it is compared to other options. Since they are not climate controlled, usually they’re the most affordable option for storage.

Many facilities charge per month, so you won’t have to pay by the item. Instead, you’ll pay based on the total amount of storage space you need. This means you can rent just one unit or several units depending on your needs.

Larger Space

Finally, another advantage of drive up mini storage over other options is that you can use it to store large amounts of stuff. You get the convenience of driving up to your unit without having to worry about finding a parking spot. Oftentimes drive up units will be in the popular sizes from 10×10 to 10×30. That can be a lot of space to hold your larger belongings.



Drive Up Self Storage Costs

The prices vary depending on the size of the unit and whether the customer pays monthly or annually. Prices can start from $1.25 per sq foot each month to $1,999 per year. Be sure to ask about the current specials for this month.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Drive Up Storage

Can I Store a Vehicle in a Drive Up Storage Unit?

Yes! Many drive up storage companies offer vehicle storage. If you’re interested in storing a car, truck, RV, boat, motorcycle, trailer, ATV — then check out our article on How to Store a Car.

Is Drive Up Self Storage is Right for Me?

If you are looking for a convenient way to store your belongings while living or working in an urban area, then Drive Up Self Storage may be the best option for you. It is ideal for people who don’t want to pay high rent or deal with stairs or elevator rides.

Can I Store My Business Property in Drive Up Storage?

Yes, you can store office furniture, supplies, files, tools, equipment, printers, seasonal items, even extra inventory. Usually the storage center will not allow transacting business transactions out of your drive up storage unit — such as customers walking up to your unit to make purchases.

Can I Store Items that No Longer Fit in My Home Garage?

Yes, you can store furniture, appliances, boxes, toys, camping equipment, sports equipment, garden tools, seasonal items and decorations, and more. You can’t store chemicals or other items shown on this list. For delicate items like pictures and photographs, you can find out how to store those here.

The best storage rates are often kept secret. You can call now to get an estimate and reserve your space — all within 5 minutes. To serve you quicker, call wait time is near zero.

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